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Fashion gets a digital game-changer | FT.comTokyo Girls Collection have been there so much earlier

Britain Adds More Spectrum for Olympics-Related Wireless Crunch – AllThingsD – expect the wired networks to get fried as well

Facebook to become the newest target of hacker group Anonymous – can’t say I am particularly saddened by this

Thou Shalt Covet What Thy Neighbor Covets | Fast Company

Asiajin » Yahoo! Box: Yahoo! Japan’s Online Storage Service Tops One Million Users

Technology That Can Help Scale A Customer Advocate Program

RIM Up 4%: CEOs Yield to Siemens Vet, New Chair; Lazaridis to Buy Stock (Update) –

A VC: A Post PIPA Post

INSEAD Knowledge: When Spending Hurts – status is still important to consumers, even in straitened times

YCRFS 9: Kill Hollywood – or building films in the better way, consumed in a different way that completely bypasses the studios. There is still a place for compelling stories

Data point: Consumers say they want an unfiltered lens | JWT Intelligence – reading the results serendipity and a bit of tailoring

News feeds become better reads |

Nokia sells over 450 patents to a patent troll

Microsoft gets about $27 for each Windows Phone ZTE makes – SlashGear

China market: Online shopping trade value over CNY773 billion in 2011

Are You Hitched? – what about the context of LinkedIn data with a dating site?

Grocery group to slash cost of basics | Irish Examiner – interesting that Musgrave are going toe to toe with Aldi and Lidl

Mega Echelon Option – Cryptome has a very politically skewed but interesting piece alleging that MegaUpload was done in with the help of the intelligence community