Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

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I borrowed this meme from James Whatley, we’ll see if I can blog five positive things every Friday, this week has been easy to do:

  1. The week started off with a move to a new office as Ruder Finn decamped from above Jacobs Photography on New Oxford Street to above Austin Kaye on the Strand. With the move the office got a clean look that reminded me a bit of the Milk Bar in A Clockwork Orange. No ultra-violence has ensued yet, although discussions over referee decisions on table football have become quite heated
  2. This week was lunar new year which meant a trip to the Centrepoint Korean supermarket for frozen dumplings. It is really convenient and seems to be open past 10pm on week days
  3. The new location allowed me to get reacquainted with Wahaca which served up an idea venue for a business lunch today
  4. A toilet calamity with my trusty iPhone 3GS meant that I had to get a replacement. I am now bedding in an iPhone 4S after trying and failing to get hold of a cyan Nokia N9 –  I also looked at the Lumia range but couldn’t see any reason to buy a Nokia Windows Phone compared to the competition and the tiling user interface concept whilst interesting isn’t for everyone. The transfer process to the new phone has been trouble-free
  5. Media I have enjoyed this week includes City AM’s Forum section which has some high-quality thought-provoking content