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Summary of the Business Leaders in Communications Study 2012 launch #BLCS2012 · wadds · Storify

Who do comsumers trust? (US) (Digital Knowledge Centre – Digital Intelligence)

GE Study Proves Consumers Respond More to Shared Content – it would have been interesting to see the source of this data on Tac Anderson’s blog

Internet Economy Set to Nearly Double by 2016 – AllThingsD

For Now Web Giants Don’t Sound the Alarm on EU Data Protection – AllThingsD

DailyBurn CEO Skeptical About Fitness-Tracking Devices – AllThingsD

Autodesk Is All Smiles With Its Mac Software Business – Arik Hesseldahl – News – AllThingsD

Microsoft exec says Safe Harbor framework is ‘alive and well’ • The Register

Irelands’s SOPA | Kluwer Copyright Blog

Write This Down: Note-Taking Strategies for Academic Success | The Art of Manliness

European Parliament Official In Charge Of ACTA Quits, And Denounces The ‘Masquerade’ Behind ACTA | Techdirt – I wonder whether this will get fought beyond the Polish protests

The Mercenary Techie Who Troubleshoots for Drug Dealers and Jealous Lovers – relying on pre-paid SIMs. This article reminded me of Neal Stephenson’s Reamde that I am reading at the moment

South Korea’s Live Park uses RFID and Kinect to bring your Holodeck fantasies one step nearer — Engadget

Polish MPs wear Guy Fawkes masks to protest ACTA – Boing Boing

Portuguese rights society presents lists of supporters for a digital media tax; composer says he never gave consent to be included on the list – Boing Boing

96% of Chinese officials are corrupt: Hu Deping| – how did he estimate such a precise number? Either he knows that’s the number, or as I suspect its just political trash talking. No doubt there are bad apples in the barrel just like everywhere else

Group-buying grew by 550% in China in 2011: Beijing Times|

Group loans give Shenzhen SMEs better access to capital| – interesting way of pseudo securitising business loans to reduce lender risk

Tsinghua report warns of ‘transformation trap’ for China|

Why Does the Next Xbox Need Discs At All? – broadbrand still not allowing online only business

Locals take Mainland fight to print | – Hong Kong | China beef is on like Donkey Kong more here

Weber Shandwick exec: Social media jobs are hard to fill | Articles

Fun with unicode domains |

Communities Dominate Brands: How Many Lumia Sales? As Nokia (and Microsoft) ashamed to reveal number, lets count – and compare to N9 MeeGo sales – Nokia’s N9 rocked it like a pimp, Lumia devices were flaccid performers

Analysis: Asia may not be such easy pickings for Apple | Reuters

Techmeme has redesigned. Drudge Report is now indisputably the web’s ugliest news site – Techmeme News

Debate rages as Spotify, MOG, and Rdio kill / save the music industry | The Verge

Inside SAP’s Skunkworks as It Takes Aim at Oracle – – SAP’s HANA looks like an interesting take on database technology

Amazon’s Hit Man – Businessweek

Price competition | asymco – Apple shoots for psychological price points rather than engaging in peer-driven competition

Yahoo in Talks with Japan Partner on How to Sell Stake –

How the Microsoft search deal is reshaping Yahoo’s business, for better or worse – GeekWire – unsurprisingly it didn’t work out as well as they had hoped for

Inconvenient truths about fixing China – – really interesting analysis of China’s economy (paywall)

Emigration, return and their effects « Generation Emigration – social isolation and alcoholism, but greater earning power

Marketing, Social media planner, Hays Singapore, SINGAPORE, PEOPLE, People, Careers, |

Insane English copyright ruling creates ownership in the idea of a photo’s composition – Boing Boing

Chinese Shoppers Putting Premium On “Made In USA” Labels « Jing Daily

Time to play hard ball on tech manufacturing – EE Times propose some interesting solutions

Here’s Why Apple Won’t Reign-in Its Lawyers Anytime Soon… – SVW

InboundWriter online writing tool – I like looking at sites it pops up as potential comment targets as part of an SEO programme

The EU Is Ready To Sign Anti-Piracy ACTA Treaty

LVMH: daring to ditch the runway circus | – interesting move

Majority report: looking through the digital hype « BBH Labs – its the Bill Gates quote “technology doesn’t change things as much as you think in the short term, and we underestimate the rate of technological change in the long term

Juniper warns that Ultrabooks are half-baked for now | TechEye – probably indicates the perceived consumer value of OSX over Windows

Second-Hand Luxury Market On The Rise In China – Forbes

Hocked Luxury Watches Make The Good Times Roll At Beijing Pawnshops « Jing Daily

Report: Look For Second-Hand Luxury Boom In China This Year « Jing Daily

An interview with William Gibson | The Verge