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Official Google Blog: Updating our privacy policies and terms of service

Unpacking the Fourth Quarter Numbers at Samsung Electronics – WSJ – issues with profit margins abound

Sky News Infringed My Copyright » Terence Eden has a Blog – interesting that Terence didn’t invoke the Digital Economy Act

The Times They Are a Changing…and These Apps They are A-Going – Yahoo! pulls support for a number of apps including Yahoo! Answers for Android and talks about a ‘mobile first’ strategy

VOLTA – Video on Demand – like Volta disappointed that you can’t do purchases on a Mac though

Japan losing its manufacturing edge to South Korea ‹ Japan Today – lacks conviction so isn’t taking the risks that Korea will

Fujitsu mobile phones boost diabetic support services ‹ Japan Today

Apple introduces us to the Wild World of Coded Magnets – Patently Apple – interestingly ferrofluids being used for haptic feedback on devices

Who Really Stopped SOPA, and Why? | TechFreedom

Sina Weibo to Face the Tencent Empire in 2012 | TechRice – will Tencent’s deeper pockets win out over Sina’s better product?

QQ Music: A Sweet Music Streaming Service with a Touch of Piracy | TechRice – intersting hybrid of streaming and downloading music

London department stores become the ‘Great Mall of China’| – each Chinese shopper on average spent 2,520 pounds (US$4,000) in Harrods

Cards face down: the abuse of prepaid cards in China| – same as everywhere else, scams and money laundering

Siri isn’t a bandwidth hog & users aren’t the problem — Tech News and Analysis

Copyright Industry Calls For Broad Search Engine Censorship | TorrentFreak

Has blogging queen Huffington really failed in the UK? | TheMediaBriefing

Serious Flaw Emerges In Quantum Cryptography – Technology Review – there goes William Gibson’s idea of a data haven