Weibo cocreation for iPhone application

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Developing for iPhone limits ideas like A|B testing in refining the development process.’s Weibo has taken an obvious, but interesting approach to development.Weibo cocreation has users vote on which UI concepts that they like, getting them involved as a community and feeling ownership. More here.

This is similar to the kind of filtering that Dell’s Idea Storm and MyStarbucksIdea attempted a few years ago. 

Xiaomi: community involvement with Chinese characteristics

It is very reminiscent of the community development approach that Xiaomi have used from the beginning in the development of their version of the Android operating system. In this respect Weibo cocreatiion could be seen as being part of an emerging model of Chinese development.

In a perfect research world, however the process of Weibo cocreation may give imperfect results:

  • It is analysis of opinions rather than behavioural data
  • The very nature of the survey might be affecting the choices of the consumer, though the fact that its online inside the Weibo platform certainly helps

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