I like: Bluedot BTV-410 personal digital television | 我喜欢: Bluedot BTV-410 个人数字电视

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Japan has been a pioneer in the roll-out of digital television. The Bluedot set is a portable digital TV; as you’d expect its a small but high quality television set with a 4-inch screen. Digital television in Japan is based on the ISDB standard which is used in some Latin American markets and some Asian markets outside Japan; notably the Philippines and Thailand – so the device is of academic interest to me.
bluedot digital TV
But I did like the idea of a divergent device that wasn’t built into a smartphone or tablet but would slip effortlessly into ones pocket. And I loved the apparent retro design of the device. It looks like it came from an alternative past where Dieter Rams had designed a mini-transistor radio for Sony sometime in the late 1960s. It had the kind of clean lines one would expect from Rams and a muted colour scheme that evoked the form and function of earlier decades rather than techno-flash that seems to preoccupy the consumer electronics sector. More information here.