Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

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Five things that I have appreciated this week:

RTHK’s Reflections from Asia programme. Harvey Stockwin’s weekly 15-minute radio programme and podcast is a news analysis programme from another era, a kind Asian equivalent of the late Alistair Cooke’s Letter from America that used to be broadcast on the BBC World Service and Radio 4. Stockwin is a long-serving English journalist who has spent the past 50 years in Asia. Each show consists of him reading a pre-prepared 2,000-word essay which he has researched and written himself.
reflections from asia
I finally finished series one of Braquo, a French drama similar to The Shield in the kind of matters that it covers but in a gritty way that makes The Wire look tame in comparison. Without giving the game away a police unit that butts up against the line between being a good cop and a bad cop find themselves in the middle of a complex game of realpolitik.

US technology site used the British word ‘shite‘ as a descriptor for Apple’s new head of global retail. It makes sense when you realise that John Browett, was formerly CEO of Dixons Retail – the people behind PCWorld and Currys. Whilst I was alarmed that the Apple Stores were likely to go horribly wrong there was something strangely gratifying seeing European English slang used on an American site.

Due a mix-up in my post I finally got hold of my copy of The Social Media MBA which I had co-authored with a number of other great-and-the-good from the digital marketing | social media agency world. You can get your own copy here from Amazon.

Econsultancy’s David Moth sent me some questions on the Facebook IPO that you can read here. If I get time I will expand further on my thoughts here.