HSBC no longer ‘world’s local bank’

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If you’ve done any travel through Heathrow in the past number of years you couldn’t help but notice HSBC’s adverts which were a vignette on a foreign culture like different attitudes to age for instance. The company is now looking to get rid of the world’s local bank positioning and move to the world’s leading international bank. At first glance that sounded like the kind of awful descriptor American companies put in the first paragraph of press releases: Acme Inc. , the world’s leading widget end-to-end solutions provider.

It strikes me as an internal positioning for senior management rather than anything with meaning for customers and feels like a step back in marketing terms. This change in positioning comes at a time when the company is letting 30,000 employees go over this year.

More details over at Marketing Interactive.

Archived from the blog I wrote over at PR Week.