Jargon Watch: frape | 行话: frape

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I hadn’t heard of frape until my colleague Becky talked about how she had done it to someone else; and they had got her back by replacing her packed lunch with cat food.
Evil panda
Urban Dictionary describes frape as:

When a person leaves their laptop/PC unattended whilst signed into Facebook and other people change various parts of their personal page to humiliating or undesirable material.

The particularly repellent phrase is a portmanteau of Facebook and rape. In reality similar behaviour has gone on since networks and computers met. I remember in the late 1990s, not putting your password on your computer meant that an email was sent around the office offering to buy a round of drinks in the local bar that evening. It is the digital equivalent of hazing or other workplace initiation rites that happen in the manufacturing sector.

The moral of the story is:

  • Password protect your screen-saver on your PC or the lock screen on your smartphone
  • Don’t save your social network passwords in your browser
  • Don’t stay logged into social properties