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BitTorrent piracy has no impact on U.S. box office sales, study finds

SocialDial  – interesting telephony application using your social graph

MediaTek moves upmarket with Android/HSPA chip – Rethink Wireless

Pinterest is over-hyped | Forrester Blogs

Smartphones and Tablets Fuel the Rise of the Digital Omnivore

Chinese Tourists Big Spenders At Singapore Airport « Jing Daily

A Chinese Perspective: Why Foreign Companies Fail, and How To Succeed In China | Tech in Asia

Social Networking Watch: News on the Social Networking and Social Media Industry: Myspace Gains 1 Million Users

UK, France may lose top Moody’s rating – not terribly surprised, the increased VAT likely affected government income and the UK is inextricably linked to the EU by trade

U.S. Consumer Electronics Sales Reach $144 Billion in 2011 | NPD – down 1 per cent year on year

TI packs seven radios into one chip – Rethink Wireless

BBC News – BAE provides details of ‘structural battery’ technology

The Economist says the future of media’s in tablet form | Sub:stantial

Where The Ladies At? Pinterest. 2 Million Daily Facebook Users, 97% Of Fans Are Women | TechCrunch – Cloud File Storage – handy for sending files to clients

CultureLab: The dark side of the personalised internet

Europe can learn from Japan’s austerity endgame – – take a more Keynesian line

Going to China? Look at the anti-hacking precautions the pros take before traveling | The Verge – smart list that enhance information security in general

Microblogs pose challenges in China:

European consumers remain downbeat: News from

BAA says Heathrow losing out on China traffic | Reuters – and Heathrow needs to get its older terminals sorted out as well as a new runway

Google has intriguing plans at the Googleplex – San Jose Mercury News – points to more hardware products and customer group / partner targets

Proposal for E.U. Roaming Fees Includes Global Cap –

Groklaw – In Defense of Anonymous Speech ~pj – or why Facebook is wrong