Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

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Five things that I have appreciated this week:

I broke out Matt Cutt’s video presentation from last August to emphasise the importance of good content as being more important than technical SEO (search engine optimisation), it’s still a great video that every PR person and search marketer should see (it’s on YouTube so may not be available to all viewers)

Tom Hovey introduced me to the work of the Dead Sea Mob – a collective of illustrators.

TopShop’s Tigergate scandal introduced me to the photography of Gavin Bell. I didn’t realise until much later that this was the same Gavin Bell who wrote Building Social Web Applications out on O’Reilly Publishing.

Find my iPhone feature on iCloud came in handy prevented the panic attack which ensued when I couldn’t find my phones. Now if they can develop a bit more granularity in their search from its somewhere on your road, probably in your house – to – its behind the bookshelf on the left-hand side as your facing it in your sitting room.

I’m more of a Yoshida & Co. Porter brand person than Mulberry, but I was really impressed by this blog post that Mulberry did showing how they made giant golden key show invites from embossed and die-cut gold foil card.