The Facebook shops post

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Over the past few days articles have appeared talking about Facebook shop closures triggered by a piece in Bloomberg. There is a really good post on the whys and wherefores on Mashable. I found that there were some interesting underlying assumptions in the coverage:

  • Experiments are not businesses. Many brands like P&G went on to Facebook as an experiment. They hoped that it would achieve increased engagement with consumers and increase sales via a new channel. It didn’t work out, most experiments don’t. This is how progress is made however
  • It’s not a complete wipe out. Yes shops are expensive to develop compared to the return on investment; but the knowledge of what worked and what didn’t is invaluable for a business IF it has been captured properly

Finally this shouldn’t put decision makers off risk taking, the online eco-system is going to evolve but the clock isn’t going to back and there will be failures along the way; which is fine so long as we keep making new mistakes, learn and move forward.

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