Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

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This is a guest post by Amy Giffin, from my client Alchemy. Amy spent an afternoon with us so it made sense to have her write this weeks post .
Fox suit
It goes into why we spent Friday afternoon drinking coffee, photographing grown men dressed as woodland animals and photographing banks.

1. Firstly it made me open my mind, take note of the small things around me and things that advertisers might have missed. I noticed the stunning red ball gown in the window of Coutts, I read the paragraph next to it, I thought ‘that was interesting’, but then I walked away. The window pulled me in as I love fashion and glamour, but it didn’t engage me any further, Coutts didn’t use my initial interest and ask me to look at their web page or engage with them on Facebook, a social networking site that attracts people like me who are interested in fashion. After the initial engagement, there wasn’t a clear call to action to capitalise on the interest

2.I decided that I wanted to talk to my colleagues more, find out what makes them tick, what their hobbies are and their ‘extra-curricular’ activities. Why do they do what they do? What makes them sit in the corner of the room and scowl whenever ‘Artful Dodger’ is played on Spotify? Gain a better understanding of the personalities that make up the community in which I work will enable me to tap into the creative heart of Alchemy and I will in turn be better able to communicate our brand through the individuals that make up Alchemy

3.I realised that I am not limited to talking about ‘Facebook’ or even ‘social’, just because that’s what it said on our marketing literature. I can look at the world around our building, even at our building and take inspiration from that. Why is our building called ‘Tea’? You would think it was because it used to be an old tea factory, in fact, this is exactly what we told our US colleagues when they came to visit a few months ago. I fact, we had no idea about the buildings history, but it sounded great and the Americans liked it because tea is synonymous with all things British. Everything can be used to tell a story and communicate a brand persona rather than just what we do / sell

4.This leads me to the concept of ‘authority’ … if someone tells you something in a posh voice an looks you straight in the eye, you are more likely to believe them over someone who tells you that grass is blue whilst biting their finger nails and looking shifty

5. Finally, Ged showed me one of, if not the most effective commercials I’ve ever seen. It was so effective because the customers did it all for them. There was no smoke and mirrors, it was a montage of genuine reactions from the general public. Why did they react this way? Because one of their beloved burgers, a burger that symbolised a family outing, or a first date, a burger that evoked a special memory or emotion, had been taken off the menu. This proved to me that if you take something away, or ask a question that leaves the reader something to think about, it is as effective as giving something. This was a social object