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Nike Introduces Flyknit Technology | NEW YORK – TOKYO – made out of a single polyester thread woven to a shoe

Lumus’ OE-31 optical engine turns motorcycle helmets, other eyewear into wearable displays — Engadget

Hands-on with Immersion HD Integrator hi-fi haptics — Engadget

MIIT Says Telecom Growth Outpaced GDP Growth Last Year | Tech in Asia – in China

As Sure As Night Follows Day, Tencent Launches a Pinterest Clone | Tech in Asia

Why Chinese Luxury Consumers Prefer to Shop Overseas | The China Observer

TelecomTV | Pride and Prejudice: Facebook’s censorship rules laid bare for all to see

Taking Vietnam’s economy to the next level – McKinsey Quarterly

Wi-Fi Passpoint standard could end hotspot sign-on hassles

F-Commerce provides more proof that online traffic != customers | Excapite

Bing to embarrass: Feature lets you link Facebook friends to search results | VentureBeat – google bombing for 21st century?

Mastered for iTunes: how audio engineers tweak music for the iPod age

Identification, engagement and measurement: putting it all together for WOM marketers by Nilesh Bansal & Dr Nick Koudas – good whitepaper by Sysomos

Qualcomm just announced the chip that would be a one-stop shop for Apple’s mobile needs | 9to5Mac

Flickr Is Getting a Major Makeover | Betabeat – not sure how I feel about the view, likely to be resource hungry?

How best to reduce power on future ICs – really nice article by Junko Yoshida at the EETimes

ISSCC: Intel focuses on low power, digital RF

Remember ‘If Microsoft made cars…’ jokes? – great piece on poor user experience in car design