Out and about: The Star Café, Soho, London | 明星咖啡屋,Soho,伦敦

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I caught up with Steve Earl last week and tried to wrap our heads about marketing agency economics over coffee and a vegetable grill. Our venue was The Star Café, a little bit of old Soho from before the hedge funds, Albanian organised crime families and Starbucks moved in. The entire area around Great Chapel Street has been demolished so I was a bit thrown trying to find the venue. There is used to be a drop-in centre for drug addicts and a mobile repair shop that was part of Carphone Warehouse there is now site preparation work and building cranes.

Back to The Star Café: the wood paneled interior is covered in a dark brown patina. A similar colour to what a traditional pub used to have, if the interior hadn’t been ‘refurbished’ by the brewery – back when smoking inside would have been still legal.

Most of this wood is covered with vintage enamel signs from the late 19th and early 20th century advertising everything from travel to condiments and pet food. On to the food, The Star Café does a good cooked breakfast and a great coffee.
Business breakfast
It is ideal for business as its quiet enough to have a civilised discussion. What the The Star Café also has is character in spades with its customer base of Soho veterans and staff that are part of the fabric of Soho itself.

The Star Café
22 Great Chapel Street London, LONDON W1F 8FR
+44(0)20 7437 8778