I like: The Gipper by Frank Kozik | 我喜欢: 罗纳德·里根的雕像

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Amongst groups of conservative political bent there is a concerted effort to canonise Ronald Reagan in a similar way to presidents like Abraham  Lincoln or John F. Kennedy. This process has extended beyond the United States, for instance there is now a Ronald Reagan statue in a corner of Grosvenor Square near the site of the (soon to be replaced) American embassy.
The Gipper
During his presidency Reagan was a divisive character to American and international audiences.

From supply-side economics that were attached to the decline of industrial jobs (on balance probably a judgement, this is partly unfair due to sustained stagflation through the 1970s) – though it was responsible for penalising people who paid payroll tax or made new investments, instead rewarding high income earners and reducing tax on existing investments. His administration oversaw the Libya bombing, the Iran-Contra scandal and the invasion of Grenada – all of which were controversial.

There was an escalation of the weapons race in the Cold War with the Star Wars programme and roll out of cruise missiles in Europe. All of this came from debt funded government spending with a rise in US government debt from 26% of GDP in 1981 to about 40% in 1998.

Frank Kozik uses the visual language of Reagan’s conservative canonisation to express a partisan view of Reagan’s legacy.

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