Expo season: advice I’d wished people had given me

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For technology PRs we are in the middle of the expo season which started with CES in Las Vegas, continued through last week with RSA and the Mobile World Congress and then on to CeBIT in Hanover this week. Of all the events; CeBIT has to be the hardest. It’s the biggest event held in the most woefully unprepared city. Given these facts, I thought I would put together some suggestions for future conference attendance (if this was a magazine, I would have said so that you can cut out and keep):
  1. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail – expos like battles are chaos, however prior preparation can pay dividends even if things don’t go to plan
  2. Keep colour photocopies of your passport, in case the worst happens
  3. Have a list of useful telephone numbers researched prior to attending: local consulate, late night chemist, doctor, hotel details, travel agent, client details, team members etc
  4. Bring local currency, don’t assume that credit cards are universally acceptable like London
  5. Bring more medication than you need to cover for flight delays, your bag going missing etc
  6. Essentials:
  • Tie-wraps
  • Duck tape
  • Scissors, a Leatherman WAVE or a Swiss Army knife in your stowed luggage
  • Barocca – get a few tubes. Chances are clients will need it, even if you don’t drink you are likely to need a caffeine makeover due to sleep deprivation. Get the ones with the highest caffeine content. Generally there will be a number of stands that give out free bottles of water
  • Lots of AA batteries, don’t cheap out, buy Duracells
  • Cellphone charger that runs on said batteries
  • TomTom software for your smartphone – helps reduce roaming charges
  • Trail mix and cereal bars – because you won’t know where your next meal is likely to come from and hot dogs with sauerkraut can lose their attraction after a bit
  • Gel insoles: you will be on your feet for a lot longer than you are used to

Any further items that you think you’d need? Feel free to add them in the comments section

Archived from blog posts I wrote for PR Week