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Experian Hitwise – Voucher sites overtake Price Comparisons sites online – disclaimer: Experian (who own Hitwise) is a client

Core Wireless sues Apple for (of course) patent infringement | MacNews – Microsoft and Nokia in legal shenanigans

Google, Motorola Ordered to Give Android Data to Apple – Bloomberg – this could get interesting

BT and TalkTalk lose challenge against Digital Economy Act | – no incentive to set up a digital business in the UK

Asiajin » Japan’s Youngest Female Mayor Complained Media On Facebook. The Media Fusses

Launching a new idea in a post-paper world – The Domino Project – interesting post on the challenges of e-publishing

Tobacco firms celebrate as judge rules against graphic images on packets |

Hermès’ China Trademark Case. Do You Know What Trademarks You Really Need? | China Law Blog

Facebook and Twitter are far from being revolutionary |

Apple bought half of ST MEMS in 2011, says IHS – which indicates that there are a lot of low spec Android and Windows Phone devices out there

HK cellcos stick to unlimited plans | Telecom Asia

MIT App Inventor – Android development

Research says 40% of Britons ‘getting bored’ with social media, points to rise of niche sites | The Wall Blog

Twitter & Facebook share a problem: Proving social ads work — GigaOM – people are right to be skeptical, it will help improve measurement

Exclusive: Yahoo Labs Head Raghavan Departing to Google – AllThingsD – interesting that Google is picking him up, to keep him out of Microsoft’s hands perchance?

Monk guards remains of unknown tsunami victims ‹ Japan Today – brings home the scale of the loss of human life that happened

OpenText Tempo – OpenText Corporation – interesting product: Dropbox | type metaphor to a product which does the same role that Microsoft Sharepoint previously did within the enterprise

Confidence shaken by hub revelations | – interesting that Norman Foster’s design was originally disqualified for technical reasons, yet was reinstated by some jurors and then won. Sounds a bit dodgy (paywall)

Bankers decamp to the new frontier | – leaving US institutions for Chinese firms (paywall)