Social media for business people and business ettiquette

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I was traveling last week and having breakfast in a hotel on Wednesday morning. The person behind me was some sort of business development / partnership person from a prominent US start-up that currently is known for a must-have application on the iPad. By the time I had finished my bacon and toast – I knew that they would be meeting at 2pm that day, who their contact was and what they would be offering to make the company’s Android offering in tablets and mobile phones even more compelling.

The reason why I knew all this is that I could not help but miss the chatter boomed out with an East Coast American accent, rather than being a bit more circumspect in public discussions with colleagues and partners.

The man went on to regale his fellow diners (and the rest of the room) with why you should be careful using social media as someone from a Taiwanese rival to Samsung had contacted him after he had checked in his location in Korea to follow up on earlier discussions.

The moral of story is to be careful about social media, but don’t let common sense desert you in the real-world.