Keeping things in perspective

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I am in quite a nice position where after years of battling in a number of different roles I am starting to see people come to us actively looking for social media rather than my having to constantly evangelise. Social media has become a locus for marketers who don’t want to be sandbagged in their next annual review.

This has meant that the challenge is now about encouraging people to use the right tools for the job rather than the buzz-word compliant platforms that they think will tick the digital box.

Just for a moment think about the following phrase:

Never before was there in the hands of men an instrument so powerful to influence the thoughts and actions of the multitude.

No its not a modern-day description of Facebook or Twitter but the words that Irish president Eamon De Valera used to launch the country’s first television station back on New Year’s Eve in 1961. Not every powerful campaign needs to be on Facebook or have a YouTube channel. We need to think more about the people we’re trying to reach rather than the tools that we use to get there.