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Angry Birds Space Game Skips Windows Phone in Blow to Nokia – Bloomberg

Insight: Samsung: fast executioner seeks killer design | Reuters

Yahoo reportedly has a license to patents Facebook just bought from IBM | The Verge

An Apple you can Bank on? – mobile banking

Firefox To Use Google Secure Search By Default; Expect More “Not Provided” Keywords To Follow

百度搜索风云榜 – Baidu’s equivalent of the old Yahoo! Buzz and Google’s Zeitgeist tool

Apple Antitrust Suit Would Aid Amazon Book Monopoly – Bloomberg

Experian Hitwise: Not Immune to Encrypted “Not Provided” Search Queries – ionSearch Blog

Communities Dominate Brands: The CEO Insane – How To Rescue Nokia

Asiajin » Experiment: Can You Identify Twitter Users In Tokyo?

Bloomberg Says Social Media Can Hurt Governing – – short-termism promoted by concern about what the social web says

IKEA China: Build a Loyal Following Through Customer Engagement Online | The China Observer

Swap social media for TV unless you have a million fans, says Diageo marketer – Marketing

Battle looms over the future of the SIM card | ExtremeTech

fMC Tokyo, brought to you by Social@Ogilvy APAC | Asia Digital Map – the thing is Japan does social very well, Mixi etc, but it doesn’t necessarily like real ID. Takeo’s page was probably more about audiences outside Japan

The Rise of Digital Influence

How to Prevent your Blogger Blog from Redirecting to Country Domains

Social Notworking: Read Interbrand’s New Report on the Corporate Digital Divide

Mindreader – Home – nice visual way to explore date

Meet The Hackers Who Sell Spies The Tools To Crack Your PC (And Get Paid Six-Figure Fees) – Forbes

Supercharge PDFs on Tablets via Uberflip’s HTML5 $29.95 Answer | Uberflip – PDF to HTML5 publishing

ChinaFile: Do’s and Don’ts for Launching Your Fashion Label in China –

mention | Your Media Monitoring Application – create alerts for your brand, your industry, your company, your name or your competitors and be informed in real-time