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The Rise of Regionalism in Japan | Stratfor – affecting politics and identity (paywall)

The American-Western European Values Gap – Pew Research Center

Facebook is a lower quality medium than TV, says marketing academic – Brand Republic News

Only 55 percent of Siri users are happy with the service | VentureBeat – it doesn’t understand a word I say to it

Nokia lashes out at Apple’s royalty-free nano-SIM ( – Consumer Electronics ) – Nokia on the back foot over innovation now

Tension Software releases Data Extractor for Mac OS X | MacNews

Huawei banned from Austalian broadband market |

Mascots Make a Comeback Thanks to Social Media

Music Industry Can See The Light After ‘Least Negative’ Sales Since 2004 |

AOL Selling Patent Portfolio – things could get nuclear

Microsoft Fired An Exec Nicknamed ‘Mr Fun’ Over A 3-Story Party Palace He Created At Sundance – misfits and rebels need not apply

Despite Bing’s Rise, Google Still Dominates Search [INFOGRAPHIC]

Online Word-of-mouth Source Credibility in China | China Internet Watch

Dads in Austere Britain

Kim Dotcom: The US Government is Wrong, Here’s Why | TorrentFreak

Entertainment Industry Was Eager to Work With Megaupload | TorrentFreak

Asiajin » Tokyo Court Orders Google To Suspend Keyword Suggestion Around A Person

1000+ Sina Weibo Enterprise Accounts Are From Overseas, U.S Dominates | Tech in Asia

Kotex Campaign Uses Pinterest To Send Women Custom Goodie Bags @PSFK

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Who wants a great engineering team in Bucharest? Please help me spread the word Loic Le Meur

Factual’s Gil Elbaz Wants to Gather the Data Universe –