Digital malls and social shopping

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If you were at The Westfield in Shepherd’s Bush at the weekend you probably would have come across their giant touchscreen displays that allowed consumers to create a cross between a mood board and a look book that they brainstorm shopping ideas on and send to their friends.

This was interesting for a couple of reasons

  • It created a third retail space between real-world shopping and e-commerce
  • It made shopping a more social experience by broadening it out to your loose social network rather than just the close friends that you would actually spend real-time with

Other shopping technology ideas like virtual mirrors in dressing rooms are about flexibility and loss-prevention like Eyemagnet’s offering. It doesn’t give you the full tactile experience of course. I wonder when  will luxury brands go electronic and abandon the review cupboard and handouts to stylists?

Will it instead look like this Cisco video of augmented reality retailing?

Archived post from my blog at PR Week.