Think and rethink that iPad

Reading Time: < 1 minute

We have iPads scattered around the office, primarily so that staff can see the benefits and limitations of the touch interface. I have one at home that is left idle a lot of the time. I know an architect who uses it as part of her creative process and a graphic designer friend who uses it to present his portfolio to prospective clients; but the desire to use them more in the agency sector and at clients has concerned me a little bit. Primarily as it seemed to be based around the aspiration for the ‘new new thing’ rather than a compelling reason.

With this in mind I’d recommend a good read of Here Come Tablets. Here Come Problems in the Wall Street Journal. The checklist provided is handy for both home and work users, so I paraphrased it below:

  • Have a plan, before you get an iPad of what you want to do with it
  • Get a good understanding of what they are good for, and not so good at
  • Check to see if applications that will suit your needs are available
  • Think about the cost. The refresh cycle of iPads seems to indicate that they have a shorter life than a laptop so the total cost is likely to be similar
  • Think about security, not only the locking screen but also the kind of applications that you download on to the device

Archived from the blog that I used to write at PR Week.