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More U.S. Children of Immigrants Are Leaving U.S. – – as economic power moves, talent moves

Sumo wrestlers take part in anti-yakuza parade ‹ Japan Today – interesting that the Japanese police are running a non-fraternisation campaign so members of the public will not have anything to do with the yakusa

27% of emails are opened on mobile devices: stats | Econsultancy

Could Nokia abandon featurephones? – Rethink Wireless

Meizu MX Quad-core out in June, original MX gets price cut | The Verge

Amazon’s ‘One-click Patent’ Granted in Japan — Tech-On! – patent filed back in 1998

How Computers Are Creating a Second Economy Without Workers – The Atlantic

Nokia Swaps Trade Like Junk as Cash Dwindles: Corporate Finance – Businessweek

Xiaomi To Release Second-generation Product In H2 2012 –

IMAX/DMAX As Textbook Example Of What Happens To Foreign Technology In China

Trend: Social Media Agencies Turn to Advertising « Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang

CHART OF THE DAY: Google Cost-Per-Click Change – Business Insider – interesting decline in cost-per-click, but on its own without further depth of information not terribly meaningful

Sharp Begins to Roll Out IGZO TFT-based LCD Panel — Tech-On!

Why Are So Many Americans Single? : The New Yorker – single living was not a social aberration but an inevitable outgrowth of mainstream liberal values. Supported by modern communications platforms and urban living infrastructure: coffee shops, laundrettes

Men Are Becoming the Undereducated Gender – Businessweek

Data point: China becomes the world’s biggest grocery market | JWT Intelligence