Interview with Lester Wunderman

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Great video interview with Lester Wunderman founder of global marketing agency Wunderman.


  • Wunderman started from a consumer as a reaction to early advertising that was just about product mentions and repetition. Consumers weren’t told how the product fitted into their lives – which is curious when I think about many consumer brands (Cillit Bang) or online services (GoCompare insurance) and they way that they represent themselves through broadcast and online channels. These modern brands rely on repetition rather than consumer insight or explaining how they fit into the consumer life
  • On creativity Wunderman described the executive team of the company as key to maintaining creativity by encouraging it and putting the right ‘traditions’ in place to continue to foster creativity
  • American political advertising had changed because the electorate now know more about the candidates but in many respects it was just an electronic soap box – the tactics had modernised for the channel but were still recognisable to a pre-broadcast and internet age

The video is on YouTube which may not be available to all readers.