Five steps to getting ahead on Klout

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Cory Doctorow in his book Down and Out In the Magic Kingdom talked about a measure of social kudos called Whuffie that took over the world when monetary benefits became obsolete. Klout is a free tool that is a crude of measure of social reputation that is taking on some of the aspects of Whuffie despite being a crude and flawed measure at best. It is frightening how seriously Klout is being taken by people who should know better.
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So how do you game Klout?

  1. Tweet a lot, regularly. At least some of this can be automated
  2. Don’t take a holiday, backing off the pedal at all on content creation will adversely affects your score
  3. Focus on one relatively mainstream subject area – social media and online marketing whilst being very meta discussing them on a social platform also make ideal fodder
  4. Keep your content positive in sentiment; schadenfreude doesn’t work that well for people passing on your content
  5. Carefully select the people that you interact with, chose only those that have a high Klout score

More thoughts on Klout later.