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How McDonald’s Came Back Bigger Than Ever –

Creating a Language for the Web – – getting a phrase to catch on is key to social web success; tweet, hash tag, like etc

A Viable Future Model for the Internet | AT Kearney – expect the internet to get more expensive and billing information to strip away privacy (well it would be a shame to waste all the layer 7 data used for billing information wouldn’t it?)

Ford asks steep price for Japan to join TPP talks ‹ Japan Today – but Toyota didn’t need massive government subsidies like the US motor industry; GM or Chrysler and Ford should have kept its share in Mazda. If Ford wants to sell in Japan it needs to build kei cars which would also be good for the environment

Culture Museum run by Hong Kong retailer Goods Of Desire (GOD)

Is the Digital Native a Myth?

ROI lacking in social CRM |

Comment: Web censorship culture entrenches itself in Britain’s parliament | TechEye

Infosys accused of US visa fraud | TechEye – Hoodwinked immigration so illegal workers could work longer, claim

Xiaomi Says Monthly Income Now Exceeds $158 million | Tech in Asia

Microsoft kills Windows Live brand • The Register

Nokia And Execs Hit With Nasty Class Action Lawsuit Over Fraud