A tip for a cold and dreary Monday

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Disclaimer: doing this suggestion may put your computer and your company’s network at risk of attack – follow that advice at your own risk; you have been warned.

Ok so PR agencies have a reputation for making do and mending when it comes to technology and you may find yourself working on older systems than is the norm. With that in mind, newer versions of applications may run slowly, so why not get a version of the application that matches the computer you run on more closely? Oldversion.com keeps older versions of many of the applications that you already use.

So why the disclaimer at the top? Older applications are often patched or upgraded to deal with known security issues such as security vulnerabilities or susceptibility to malware.  Running an older version of the software, whilst being faster on your computer doesn’t benefit from subsequent security improvements.

Archived here from the former blog that I used to write at PR Week.