Grokking Google II

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It was three years since I last took a look at Google’s commands and operators. The services and shortcuts that I highlighted then are still valid, so I thought I would list out some additional ones for your convenience:

  • allintitle: as in allintitle: monkeys “social media” brings up only those items that have a relevant title
  • cache: as in Google’s current cache of the web page I have saved contents from websites that have gone down using this; but you should back up files regularly
  • related: as in shows sites that are similar or in some way connected to the site you are searching with. For instance it is a great way of finding out the social media profiles of bloggers
  • info: as in is a good catch-all command that is likely to bring up links to the cache command, inbound and outbound links, pages that Google has indexed from the site and related command content. Info would be my first point of attack in research because it gives out so much, if you remember only one of these, go for info

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