I like: Sonos tube advert

Reading Time: < 1 minute

A smart well-designed contextual advert for Sonos on the Jubilee line. It shows a good understanding of the likely involved decision making the customer is going to make on the home sound purchase journey and shows a confidence in their product.
Great campaign, no QR code
What is interesting is what is missing:

  • No award icons ‘What Hi-Fi *****’ or similar
  • No QR code because it won’t work on much of the line
  • No social network symbols because an account on many of the social networks like Twitter and Facebook now is a hygiene factor. Secondly the smartest discussions about many subjects like hi-fi happen in dedicated forums rather than on a brand Facebook page

All of this give a very good looking design with a simple call to action. The effectiveness can be gauged by looking at the search volume for ‘Sonos reviews’ prior to, and during the campaign.