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London Olympics Protesters Suspended From Twitter | WebProNews – as it if isn’t good enough that LOCOG gets carte blanche to screw over London for two months, its now stamping on free speech

Failure to launch: Why Sony never got AirBoard off the ground – costs mostly. It reminds me of the surfing analogy that Bob Cringely used in his Accidental Empires book

Social media in India

Transfer Photos From Your Phone To Desktop With A Quick Bump | WebProNews – really elegant idea that simplifies the complex technology happening beneath the surface

CPG Study: Online Ad Campaigns Using Purchaser Data Nearly Triples ROI | Nielsen Wire

Thinking beyond the limitations of Network Thinking

Social Media Has Greater Influence on Chinese Purchasing Decisions | China Internet Watch

Google wins: Jury finds it not guilty of infringing Oracle’s patents | VentureBeat

NHK, Panasonic Introduce 145-inch Super-high Vision PDP — Tech-On!

iPhone Camera Provides Live Image to Car Navigation System — Tech-On! – interesting idea, Pioneer are looking to use a HUD to have a similar effect

Four Reasons Why Google Doesn’t Care If Facebook Wins The Social Media Wars – AllFacebook

Matt Cutts: Here’s How To Expose Your Competitors’ Black Hat SEO Practices | WebProNews

Google+ wants to be your new Flickr | VentureBeat not likely to happen whilst I have 1000s of photos on Flickr, use it for my blog image hosting service and Google+ doesn’t offer similar things cheaper. Also Flickr’s APIs continue to enjoy developer usage

Kleiner investors blindsided by discrimination suit – Fortune

Hong Kong estate agencies changing the way they measure flat sizes | (pay wall) Spillikins №166. Nokia Loses The Crown to Samsung, The New Number One

EXCLUSIVE: Here’s The Inside Story Of What Happened On The Facebook IPO – Business Insider

Kleiner Perkins Sued By Partner Ellen Pao, Alleging Sexual Harassment, Gender Discrimination | TechCrunch