Old 2.0: On the virtual road

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My Dad has been using a sat nav device for a few years now and has recently upgraded to a TomTom device, so I decided this time when I was home to show him Google Maps, Satellite view and Street View. This was a revelation to both my parents. They checked out:

  • Their house
  • Our old house
  • My Uncle’s farm
  • The site where my Dad served his apprenticeship
  • My Mum checked out the houses of some of the extended family and tut tutted when she didn’t see net curtains covering the windows
  • My Dad threatened to take my Mum on a return tour of their honeymoon which was a drive around parts of Ireland from the comfort of their sitting room

My Mum told me that I would have to be careful about the way I went out in future in case I disgraced the family when the satellites and the Google cars took pictures.

I asked them about how they felt about this from a privacy point-of-view and my Dad shrugged ‘Sure with Facebook and all that there’s no decency or privacy left anyway; people won’t realise what they’ve lost until its too late‘.