Rebel Mouse initial thoughts

Reading Time: < 1 minute

RebelMouse is a new way of aggregating social presence as a dynamic profile page. Articles have talked about it being visually similar to Tumblr, but from what I can tell it’s more like or but you can submit additional content by using a bookmarklet.

I can just see the product launching a thousand PowerPoint decks about how this is the next new thing that brands need to be on because:

  • Its new
  • Social media people can be over-excitable
  • It has a cartoon mouse that reminded me of Mao’s red guards during the Cultural Revolution. Since the Twitter logo is looking more Bird’s Custard than Tweetie Pie we need a new playful icon
  • It offers agency a bit of work modifying the look and feel of Rebel Mouse

Where it may fall down for brands is that it will show a content strategy that is heavy on syndication across platforms as being repetitive  and it isn’t clear how a community would form around it. By all means register your brand space, just don’t expect a huge amount out of it at the moment.

This post is archived here from a blog that used to write for PR Week.