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A Celebration of Brandvation | Nigel Scott – new money for old rope well presented

Japan: The Country Where 59% of Households Still Have a Fax – The Atlantic because it works

Is there a terminal velocity for youth and digital? Will we burn out kids out? | The Wall Blog

Test your IPv6.

Germany agency to mine Facebook for credit worthiness info | TechEye

New Technology Adds Keyboard Feel To Touchscreens – BYTE

China’s reluctant tourists puzzle officials – (paywall)

IDC: Nokia moved just 2.2 million Lumias this winter, but stay tuned — Engadget – explains why Microsoft maybe pushing HTC out, to leave room for Nokia

‘Facebook tax’ could make web companies pay for usage outside the US — Engadget – could also nuke start-ups

Fed’s Fisher welcomes China FX moves but caution needed| Reuters – according to top Fed official