Better Made In China from Trendwatching

Reading Time: < 1 minute put together an interesting presentation on how Chinese consumption, manufacturing, domestic brands and marketing are evolving to provide better products for a more discerning Chinese consumer. This vibrant industry at the moment is invigorating Chinese consumer demand; but is likely to grow into international demand soon. From Tencent Weixin to BYD electric cars.

What’s more interesting is what’s happening in China’s creative classes including product designers and infant high-end brands. From ceramics or fashion to boutique hi-fi equipment, China is making better products if you know where to look.

The problem is the sea of garbage on Aliexpress, lightinthebox and Amazon Marketplace from low end manufacturers. The real high-end stuff isn’t being done by Huawei, but small startup companies manufacturing products that one would more likely expect from the Japanese.

Some of them are even turning it into interesting unique retail experiences like eMoi. The presentation is on Slideshare which may not be available to all readers. More China related content here.