Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

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Five things that made my week:

Text from Dog – a simple creative idea well executed

Mark Zuckerberg became more valuable than Nokia, despite Facebook’s share price performance post-IPO. Not surprisingly Nokia was denoted to junk status by Moody’s

Danny Rampling’s interview with DMC brought back a lot of memories. His advice at the end of the interview on building a career in DJ’ing is great advice for people wanting to get a break in PR or digital. Be persistent, think about the kind of roles that could get you close to what you want to do; I know a number of people who took receptionist roles to get into PR agencies

I was impressed by some of the new features coming in OS X Mountain Lion announced at Apple’s WWDC. I was disappointed by the retina MacBook Pro design decisions

Shoom coming back this autumn some 25 years after it’s first event