UK, reputation censorship and competition on the broadband market

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Zack Whittaker over at ZDNet has written a piece over at CNET about the previous Labour administration’s rush towards control of the internet, the Digital Economy Act and the Cleanfeed censorship system (which is the UK equivalent to China’s Great Firewall) and administered by BT with all ISPs being forced to subscribe. The article is interesting as it deftly depositions ‘Digital Britain’ to US technology readers because censorship is an anathema in a land where free speech is enshrined in the constitution and the SOPA Bill had objections from across the technology sector.

I guess the government may have to rethink its land of digital milk and virtual honey where technology start-ups and foreign digital companies drive the UK economy. A secondary effect of the article highlighted to me the declining amount of competition in the broadband ISP market where  92 per cent of consumers are now catered to by just six ISPs. With such an oligarchic market we can expect broadband prices to start rising sooner rather than later.

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‘Censorship creep’: Pirate Bay block will affect one-third of U.K. | CNET

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