Innovation is lumpy

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I was chatting with a peer of mine who now works for a media buying agency earlier this morning and we were talking about how we no longer spend so much time doing the circuit networking. Things had got boring, we were seeing the same people or new people just like the old ones so that it all blurred into one. It wasn’t driving new business except for the bars were they were held and services like Eventbrite.

Part of the reason why it was boring is that we felt we were in a period (at least in Europe) of relatively little innovation at the moment and it seems to come on a ten-year cycle with the last period probably around about 2001/2. Twitter now feels like an old friend, Facebook looks increasingly like AOL circa 1998 and Foursquare becomes almost invisible like toothpaste, which you don’t really consider unless it doesn’t work properly.

That was reinforced whilst I listened to some of the LeWeb London stream this morning. I am also looking forward to the new new thing that should be coming around the corner in the next 18 months or so that will blow my socks off again.

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