Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

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Things that have made my day this week:

  • Having grown up with with 2000AD pretty much from the age that I could first read, I was excited by the idea of a new Judge Dredd film – Dredd
  • LaWeb 2012 felt to me as if things have started to stand still in social media at least in the western hemisphere. I wasn’t prepared to pay £1,000 for an actual attendance at the conference, but had some of the presentations streaming in the background whilst I worked. However I am not disappointed as I suspect that this will drive a new wave of innovation that we will see in the next 18 months-to-two years time
  • Windows Surface convinced me that Microsoft was going to attempt to drive innovation no matter what it cost their partner eco-system. This is likely to spell a faster cycle of innovation from rivals like Apple and Google. The wild card in all this process is whether it will kick-start innovation in the Android eco-system with over-laid UI, exclusive applications and more integrated software | hardware design. Things are going to get interesting
  • Starbucks one-click free wi-fi in the UK makes my life so much easier. I didn’t notice this week. I thought it was just my oversight, but meeting Rax made me feel better as he hadn’t realised it had changed either
  • I was speaking at a client event held at wallacespace near Kings Cross station and loved the brand details that the event space brought to its venue