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Facebook likes wimpy cores, CPU subscriptions

Meet the Millennials: 9 Things You Must Know When Talking To Us – Sense Worldwide

Surface tablet intro no Moses event for Microsoft

Cathay’s Discovery to go digital – in-flight wi-fi get in!

Wen: 100m Chinese live in poverty CCTV News – CNTV English

Using Your Smart Phone to Mix Video Clips with Others – Technology Review

Social Media Before the Internet: Tales of Victorians, Comic Book Fans, Phone Phreaks and CBers

Privacy Fundamentalism On the Rise in the UK – trust trumps better deals

Rise of China’s Creative Class? | China Power

Pinterest allows Pharma to Manage Commenting | Pharma Digital MCM Blog

Social Networking Watch: Odnoklassniki Starting English Version

Nokia’s Mobile Patents Are Its Last Line of Defense – Technology Review

Analysts Blasting Walgreen-Alliance Boots Deal as Shares Fall

Silicon Valley bank invests $100 million in Ireland’s technology sector (IrishCentral)

AKQA, the world’s leading independent & most awarded digital agency, to join WPP – WPP

Apple vs. Microsoft: Today is Windows Phone 8 day – Fortune Tech

Windows 8, Surface and the post-PC world: avoiding Cobol 2022 | The Guardian

Microsoft kept PC partners in dark about Surface | Reuters – Microsoft should be careful of its partners moving forwards

Sharp Explains How It Realized 8k4k 85-inch LCD Panel – Tech-On!

Et tu, Ballmer, or Microsoft’s stab at tablets | EE Times

California Economy Expands In April, Reports Comerica Bank’s California Economic Activity Index | PRNewswire