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Black boxes’ to monitor all internet and phone data – Channel 4 News– so if this encryption can be broken and clever enough people know a box exists, what is to stop it being used for violating credit card details, industrial espionage and behavioural advertising. What is the betting that the BPI will be lobbying for all that data?

The Radical Optimism of Eric Schmidt – The Atlantic – a utopian view of technology

Japan finds major rare earth deposits ‹ Japan Today Spillikins №176. Nokia Tragedy: Elop’s Treason

Twitter’s Mobile Ads Begin to Click – – Twitter good for time-sensitive advertising campaigns on mobile rather than ‘awareness building

Providence suspends drilling at Singleton well

Facebook Showing Solid Growth in Japan and Korea

PPTV Tops Video Streaming in China With 34 Million Unique Daily Users?

Sell to China: ignore what shoppers say

China’s So-Called ‘Commercial’ Banks Are Anything But

Gmail finally blows past Hotmail to become the world’s largest email service

How Samsung is eating western Europe’s mobile phone market |

What Happened to Silicon Values? – The Atlantic – really interesting article, because these values then affect concepts like quality and design decisions. However companies like Oracle also feel customer exploitative to me

Pinterest has overtaken Tumblr in the United States – proles versus hipsters

Yo Dog, Foursquare Heard You Like Apps, So It Put Apps in Your Apps – like Tencent has been doing for a while with Weixin (Wei chat)

Scientists develop spray-on battery | Reuters

Is your new MacBook Air crashing frequently? Blame Google Chrome | 9to5Mac | Apple Intelligence

Does Google Have Any Social Skills at All? – interesting reading

Exclusive: Microsoft tie-up, network sale among RIM options: sources | Reuters

AT&T asked RIM for iPhone competitor while it was Apple’s exclusive carrier

BlackBerry 10 may be death knell for RIM – Rethink Wireless – what will happen to the embedded OS business?

What is the future for British parent blogging? | Econsultancy – a different direction to the US

Telecom Firms Are Most Responsive on Facebook | ClickZ

Urban world | McKinsey & Company – cities bringing forward a consuming class

Wellcome Trust hardens open access stance

Moving Geometric Facade Blocks Out Sunlight To Keep Buildings Cool [Pics]

Growth in health spending ‘grinds to a halt’ | InPharm – add this to the patent cliff and it may be time to short some pharma stocks

LOUIS VUITTON and Yayoi Kusama – An inspired creation from the new Louis Vuitton iPhone app, – LV Kusama Studio

Website blocking provisions to be removed from Digital Economy Act, says Government

Panasonic chief says no to low-cost OLED TVs – Carrie Lam to uphold core values

ChengDu – Chinese city promotional campaign

Baby Centre – 21st century social media Mum

The real strategy behind tiered data plans – all about video

Maritime Band Facing False Takedown Notices From Universal Music