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BAE proposes GPS-less location • The Register – NAVSOP (navigation versus signals of opportunity)

Twitter account re-tweets public photos of peoples’ debit cards | The Verge – wonders will never cease

comScore Reports May 2012 U.S. Mobile Subscriber Market Share – comScore, Inc – Top US mobile OEMs: Samsung first with 25.7%, LG at 19.1% and Apple in third at 15%

U.K. Home Office won’t block O’Dwyer extradition in copyright case | CNET News – not terribly surprising given the UK Government’s stance on media to date. Will have a chilling effect on innovation

Sell to 100,000 or shout at a million? Cheap fans become mediocre customers… | Media Week

Life after the personal computer

BuddyMedia Gears Up for Asia-Pacific Social Media | WebProNews | Sony Japan gets friendly with Apple — sort of – makes Sony look pathetic

Maybe We Should Stop Calling Smartphones ‘Phones’ – The Atlantic – decline of voice minutes is because smartphones are poor phones

Jing Daily: The Olive Shoppe targeting China’s fashionistas – online and offline multi-brand boutique following in the footsteps of Lane Crawford

Samsung launches S Health services: Monitors weight, blood sugar and graphs it all

China manufacturing contracts again: HSBC – last month this data looked questionable because of the smaller panel size than similar PMI index measures. Is this a pattern?

China: Apple Pays $60M to Settle iPad Case

China Takes a Big Step to Make the Yuan a Rival to the Dollar

Britain’s media and regulation –

Let Your Ideas Go – Harvard Business Review – Hang on loosely to your best ideas if you want them to grow