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EU commission will continue to seek ECJ view on ACTA – goes to show the ‘ACTA is dead’ celebrations were premature

Luxury spending slowdown drags on HK – hmmm declining HSBC PMI index, declining luxury spending in Hong Kong – seems like China may have hit a speed bump

Thoughts on disrupting both handsets and directories – technological waves by Excapite

Intel’s Jayant Murty on the award-winning ‘Museum of Me’ – Campaign Asia-Pacific – surprised it was Projector Tokyo’s work and surprised it wasn’t designed as an information gathering exercise

CASE STUDY: How the Financial Times is engaging Google+ users – Campaign Asia-Pacific

Nokia should fire Elop and the board should go too – Jean-Louis Gassée – Computing – when Tomi Ahonen was saying this many people thought he was a bit crazy

Building and dismantling the Windows advantage | asymco

Criminalizing links: Why the Richard O’Dwyer case matters — GigaOM | Japanese labels to end copy protection on music downloads

Where the Chinese Millionaires and Super Rich Live | China Internet Watch

The Overlooked Power of Media – ideas conveyed important as brand recall

Strategies from the New Emerging Market Competitors | Aaker on Brands

Microsoft’s Downfall: Inside the Executive E-mails and Cannibalistic Culture That Felled a Tech Giant | Vanity Fair – it would be foolish to count them out just yet

Protecting Your Data from a New Generation of Hackers