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For the record | – profile of veteran DJ Ray Cordeiro

Sixty percent of new cars will be connected by 2017

Smart TV surges in popularity worldwide, China at the forefront

We Need a Word for That Thing Where a Digital Thing Appears in the Physical World – Atlantic Mobile – the web-of-no-web

China overtakes Japan in Fortune 500 ranks – Channel NewsAsia

Social Media for B2B: A Beginner’s Guide « Radian6

UK leads the way in European online evolution | IAB UK – 81 per cent online and spending almost 17 hours online per week

Yankee Group : Lumia 900 – Dashed Hopes of a Hero Phone

Return of the Knockoffs: Shanzhai Manufacturers Switching to Smartphones – over 2,000 brands of smartphones in China!

The Agrippa Files – really interesting digital art and electronic publishing project from the early 1990s

Olympics will not cause broadband outages, says govt –

ITU seeks to unravel patent controversies – Rethink Wireless

Amazon preparing its own smartphone? – Rethink Wireless – interesting demographic, is this about growing Amazon’s ecommerce marketing share with online customers via mobile phones?

Amazon and WP7 face challenges to be ‘third way’ – Rethink WirelessWe’re overly reliant on Android and that’s not a strategically strong position to be in.

OmniCorp – Home – Looks like the Robocop remake has kicked off its marketing campaign

China: Inflation Eases To 29-Month Low | Stratfor – China’s CPI (consumer price index) edged down 0.6 percent, according to the NBS (National Bureau of Statistics) (paywall)

It Never Gets Better | BuzzfeedMore often than not, though, gadgets don’t get better. They just get obsolete.

Blank on Blank | The Interview Archive

Inside Apple’s Go-Slow Approach to Mobile Payments –

I, Cringely » Blog Archive IT class warfare — It’s not just IBM – interesting take on the way globalisation is affecting corporations

Apple no longer registering products with EPEAT | MacNews – some of Apple’s product design choices are coming home to roost

Communities Dominate Brands: The Sun Tzu of Nokisoftian Microkia – nothing terrbily surprising here. The launch of Jolla Mobile is very interesting though

Kim Dotcom Can See One File Of 22 Million Says FBI… | – not terribly surprising and a bit depressing. As for the link between the media sector and politics one only has to look at both major parties in the UK

C4L Introduces “The Technology Revolution” | Campaign for Liberty – interesting that mainstream politicians are now getting on the bandwagon for internet freedom (regulation, market interference, open networks rather than oligarchies)

On the move: Mobile gamers now outnumber PC players in China | VentureBeat – Chinese mobile gamers to hit 192M this year

Monocolumn – Is the era of digital sharing just a blip? [Monocle] – importance of artifacts

Tables Turn for Sony, Samsung in Branding Game – WSJ – absolutely shocking distruction of brand value at Sony