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Mobile Internet Usage in Europe and the US | CCS Insight

When Machines Do Your Job – Technology Review

US Congress to discuss sales bans if key patents infringed | Reuters

Defining (and spotting) ‘disruptive’ innovation – PARC blog

China’s post-90 generation make their mark – – (paywall)

3 Steps to Get Social Media into the New Product Development Mix | NM Incite

The New (Social) Rules of Customer Segmentation (Part 1) | NM Incite

Global Internet Ad Spend Sees Double-Digit Growth, Outpaces Other Media | Nielsen Wire

The world’s oldest civilization retools for an aging nation | JWT Intelligence

Sugar industry could create jobs; Beet Ireland – RTÉ News – this is a potential dramatic turnaround. My Dad served his apprenticeship with the original Irish Sugar Company and their beet processing operation

Report shows 2,066 unfinished ghost estates in Ireland – Minister says some will be demolished | IrishCentral – no it doesn’t make any sense to me either

Exclusive: Microsoft’s Ballmer Throws Down Gauntlet Against Apple – would Microsoft take Office away from OSX? Probably not given that it makes money, whereas Microsoft’s online services (Bing etc) don’t

Social Media Is the Top News Source for Brits Under 25

Kleiner Perkins loses key argument in Ellen Pao sex-discrimination case – – good on Ellen Pao

Innocent partners with Disney to talk to kids about fruit – Brand Republic News – interesting Club Penguin implementation

China’s smartphone market grows 164%, Apple’s iOS takes 17.3% share

Kickstarter coming to the UK later this year | Econsultancy

Barclays pulls advertising in wake of Libor scandal – Brand Republic News – All ads for its personal-finance products pulled