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Return to cassette tapes (or did we ever truly leave them behind?) ‹ Japan Today

China’s economic growth slows to three-year low – San Jose Mercury News

Hewlett-Packard could lose billions as General Motors takes over own IT – San Jose Mercury News – interesting that HP is losing out as GM takes the work inhouse. A few things stand out: software in product development and service provision is important for consumer brands like GM – it becomes a core requirement. Secondly, large corporates are prepared to roll deals back when they don’t get service like the alleged corner cutting at IBM

Media Piracy in Emerging Economies — Social Science Research Council – piracy is because media companies got their pricing strategy wrong – find out how to get through to a human operator

London 1984: Olympics Organizers Say You Can Only Link to Them If You’re Not Mean – The Atlantic – exceptionally stupid decision

Waiting for Godot | asymco – slow disruption of PCs as not everyone needs a content creation device

Windows Phone 8 Fallout: Impact on Nokia & Developers |

Qatari Investment Group to Buy Valentino for $850 Million –

Now There Are Rumors That Murdoch May Kill ‘The Daily’ – Business Insider

Amazon Just Poached Another Microsoft’s Windows Phone Director – Business Insider – probably nothing to the Microsoft defections other than Amazon is in Seattle area too

What If Teens Prefer Twitter to Facebook? | AdvertisingAge – asymmetric networking a la Flickr, Delicious