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Chancellor Gerhard Schröder Key in Weakening the Euro Stability Pact – SPIEGEL ONLINE – Gerhard Schröder being blamed presumably to get Merkel’s indecision off the hook

Not like the Queen, but like John Hurt | MetaFilterwe thought we were hosts like the Queen is at a posh garden party, when actually we’re hosts in the way that John Hurt is in Alien

The Role of Corporate Sponsorship and Language in Dystopian Fiction : The New Yorker

The Secret Lives Of Teenagers Online: A Full Report From Business Insider – Business Insider

Sportswear, websites the top choices for shoppers | – Nike, Li Ning, Taobao and Amazon China ranked among top 10 on mainland, retail survey finds (pay wall)

Analysis: Intel and Microsoft face China crisis – Expect bad results this week | TechEye

Are mobile apps an opportunity for pharma? Not likely. | pharmaphorum – the contextual consumer behaviour points are well made, not so sure about the overall conclusion though

Social media in the pharmaceutical industry 2012 event | pharmaphorum

ZTE sinks on profit warning | beyondbrics – interesting that Euro currency holding depreciation in value was one of the factors

Finland team uses Earth’s magnetic field for phone indoor positioning system

Nokia Cuts U.S. Price of Flagship Phone in Half – – gives an indication of how Windows 8 Phone is hurting Nokia. Clear the inventory press reset and hope that Windows 8 does the business for them Renamed to as Microsoft and NBC Divorce – – reading this brought back memories of my last year in college. Our house had cable and I remember watching Soledad O’Brien and a CGI character Dev Null on The Site which was one of the first products from the MSNBC joint venture.  The web seemed new and exciting then in a way that acid house and rave had seen just a few years previously

F.D.A. Surveillance of Scientists Spread to Outside Critics –

Wanted – new place names for OS maps – Telegraph – folksonomy meets where 2.0

Can’t make it to Comic-Con? Internet to the rescue — GigaOM

Official Olympic Travel Advice, From Transport from Londonist | Londonist – pretty much nails the shambles that is London’s transport infrastructure for the Olympics