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Difficult days for Facebook as share price and user base fall | The Wall Blog

BBC News – Of fake customers and virtual ‘likes’

E-book Sales Doubled in 2011 – AllThingsD

How to install & configure Octopress on a Mac, and host your static website on Amazon S3 – Moncef Belyamani

Clamshell! The Story of the Greatest Computing Form Factor of All Time |

China ‘reservations’ over WTO ruling – UnionPay currently has a lock on Yuan denominated transactions

Microsoft Faces EU Antitrust Probe Over Web-Brower Choice – Bloomberg

Levinsohn Unlikely to Stay at Yahoo, as Mayer Begins Her Talent Search – AllThingsD

“What The F*** Is iCloud?” – this is a marketing problem

Marc Andreessen Says Now’s the Time to Build Companies Like It’s 1999 – AllThingsD

From bad to worse and from good to great | asymco | Universal Music Japan in tax trouble – it would have looked to the tax authorities as tax evasion

Google’s Marissa Mayer Tapped as Yahoo’s Chief –

SMS stays strong as mobile service revenues approach $1 trillion