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Fitch downgrades Nokia credit rating | TotalTelecom

The Olympic Police’s War on Graffiti | VICE

Communities Dominate Brands: Nokia Q2 Results: Bad bad and will be even more bad

China’s Internet Population Rises to 537 million, up 11% Annually

Nokia Payments Cause Entertainment And Devices Division Loss – Business Insider

Nokia in China: it’s all relative | – doesn’t mention that Nokia screwed over Chinese partners by abandoning MeeGO and Symbian

Here’s The Vast Sum Of Money Microsoft Spent Advertising The Windows Phone No One Wants – Business Insider

Microsoft Names Mark Penn as Corporate Vice President, Strategic and Special Projects – interesting move for Mark Penn and even more interesting that Microsoft is doubling-down on consumer insights

Nokia’s Bad Call on Smartphones – – great history of Nokia. Nokia’s research looks a bit like Xerox and its PARC arm in the 1960s and 70s (paywall)

Louis Vuitton banks on bespoke in China | (paywall)

David Cameron Says British Austerity Will Last Until 2020